Established in 2009, at the core of our media and communications ministry is the desire to extend the message of God beyond the traditional confines of four walls, leveraging the diverse channels that media platforms offer. 

The Media Team convenes regular meetings where we review past events, plan for future ones, and collectively brainstorm ways to fulfill the intent of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. These meetings serve as a crucial platform for conducting After Action Reviews to refine our skills and improve our craft.  Media Team meetings are typically held virtually. 

Our aim is to remain forward-looking and operate in accordance with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We are committed to engaging our community in a positive manner, leveraging the diverse range of media platforms available to us to connect with them effectively.

Who Are We Seeking?

Those with previous media experience, natural tech abilities, or willing and able to be trained in artistic and technical skills.

I Want To Serve!